PowerShell WMI Module v1.0 Released!

The PowerShell WMI Module was developed to make it easier to create custom WMI Namespaces and Classes.

This module was inspired by Jason Sandys
System Center Universe presentation on WMI Manipulations and Manifestations

The module has been uploaded to TechNet Script Gallery. Get it here!

Module Functions


This function returns an object containing the Namespace requested.

Example: Get-WMINamespace –Namespace ‘Namespace1′


This function returns an object containing the WMI Class requested.

Example: Get-WMIClass –Namespace ‘Namespace1′ –ClassName ‘Class1′


This function creates a new WMI Namespace and returns the WMI Namespace object using Get-WMINamespace.

Example: New-WMINamespace –Root ‘Root’ –Name ‘Namespace1′


This function creates a new WMI Class and returns the WMI Class object using Get-WMIClass.

Example: New-WMIClass –Name ‘Class1′ –Namespace ‘Root\Namespace1′


This function adds a single WMI Class Property to your custom WMI Class. Use this function multiple times to add multiple properties.


Add-WMIClassProperty -Namespace $namespace
-ClassName $className
-PropertyName “Default”
-PropertyType ‘String’


Add-WMIClassProperty -Namespace $namespace
-ClassName $className
-PropertyName “IsEnabled”
-PropertyType ‘String’


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