MMS Memories Deck from TechEd 2014

For those that had the chance to visit the myITforum Lounge during TechEd 2014, you might have been able to watch a pretty long slideshow of photos from MMS over the years. While the slideshow doesn’t represent ALL the photos I have collected, it does provide a pretty significant representation of places and events that make up treasured memories for many alums. Someday, maybe, I’ll figure out the best way to deliver all of them, but for now, the following is this year’s offering.

Those that were able to watch it onsite at TechEd 2014 stopped and watched it over and over. And, oh yeah…there’s a message at the end.

I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Nick Moseley

    Good times and memories…

  2. Roger Truss

    Nice Montage Rod! Lots of great memories.

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