Keyboard Stops Working on Windows 8.1 System

This morning I came into my office to find myself with a lovely little surprise.  I sat down and logged in as usual, however, once at my Windows 8.1 Update desktop, the keyboard stopped working.  Windows Key, all individual characters function keys, etc.  Nothing worked. Not exactly what I wanted to deal with on a Monday morning.

Ok, no worries, I have other systems I can use to troubleshoot with.  I grabbed my Surface Pro 2 (also running Windows 8.1 Update)… Same issue.  Again, not what I wanted to deal with on a Monday morning.  So, I grabbed my Windows 8.1 laptop (yes, I have many many devices to test with).  Logged in and….



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  1. FYI Dustin, your link to your blog post is broken. I had it bookmarked though, I wonder what would have caused this filter keys issue over the weekend. I assume a patch of some sort.

  2. GenericLoginHere

    This still needs to be fixed.

    Dustin, would you mind posting the link? I’m interested in reading it. Thanks!

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