Volunteering at TechEd 2014 Gets You Special Stuff

With just days left before TechEd 2014 kicks off, I’m finally putting all the pieces together. 

A lot of people don’t realize, but myITforum has provided some community outreach programs for TechEd for several years. MMS has always been our primary event, but we’ve also been part of TechEd. With the MMS/TechEd merger this year, we’re also consolidating community events.

Those that have participated with us in the past, know what a valuable time the community events bring to the conference and we truly appreciate all of those that have volunteered to help in the past. And, as you know, volunteering always comes with goodies.

This year, if you choose to help us out, I can promise a special, super-secret invite to an, as yet, unannounced party Tuesday evening at the Aquarium in downtown Houston. So, here’s what we need this year:

  1. myITforum Lounge in the Expo. We need a few individuals who can spare some time during a busy event to staff the myITforum “booth.” The booth is actually a pretty nifty lounge area, complete with walls, couches, tables, etc.  All you have to do is hang out and talk to people. In addition to the special party pass, you’ll get a special sticker to adhere to your TechEd badge that gives you full access to the Expo – even during those times it’s supposed to be closed. This also means you get to take advantage of the meal hall before it opens to the mass of attendees.
  2. Meet & Geek. The Meet & Geek is Tuesday evening from 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the meal hall area. If you’ve been part of this event in the past, you know what a great time it is. The Meet & Geek is a structured event with food, drinks, and organized networking. It’s like speed dating meets a Monty Python skit. But, we need folks to help. We have 50 tables setup to try and accommodate the larger TechEd audience, so we’ll need volunteers willing to help corral and manage a large crowd. In addition, to the secret party pass, you’ll also get to take home a special waiter’s apron that’s sure to become one of your favorite SWAG memories.

If you think you might have time to help out this year with these two events, just send me an email note. My email address is not that tough to figure out, but in case you have no clue (or my email addy isn’t in your address book already) it’s: rodtrent @ myITforum.com


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