Twitter Army at TechEd 2014!

As in previous years, we’re looking to gather all the best Tweeters to help provide extra value for those attending TechEd and those who are not able to attend this year.

As you probably already know, myITforum runs a very successful community event (among other community events), called the Twitter Army, at Microsoft conferences. The intent of the Twitter Army is to take the original idea of “Tweetups” and expand on it quite a bit. We have run this at past TechEd’s and also at past Microsoft Management Summits. The event is fun and ultimately rewarding to all those involved. For example, at the end of the week we give away a grand prize to a participating individual, based on certain criteria during the week, and other prizes to various other participants.

The biggest benefit is the ability to generate great community content about TechEd 2014 for those either not able to attend (sitting at home wishing they were there), or those attending a large conference where it’s hard to maintain every little announcement or every little piece of information. Also, it’s a great benefit to Microsoft and other participating vendors to see feedback directly about the conference, the sessions, the meals, the announcements, the closing parties – everything – even about the venue and surrounding area. All of this information is valuable and can be consumed by someone.

Time and Place

  • The Twitter Briefing room will be in room 340, which is really close to the Keynote room.
  • The Briefing will be from 7:00 am to 8:00 am on Monday, May 12th (Keynote room opens for seating at 8:30 am)

This is an EARLY briefing, so if you cannot make it, please use the pre-registration form:  Twitter Army Sign-up

What if I can’t attend the kick-off briefing?

We realize the timing of the Twitter Army briefing may not fit everyone’s schedule, as some will still be registering for the conference.  If you still want to participate, but can’t make the briefing, do these things…

  1. Jump out to the Twitter Army pre-registration form and sign-up:  Twitter Army Sign-up
  2. Grab the official Twitter Guide for TechEd 2014
  3. Stop by Twitter Army HQ in the Expo at your leisure to pick up your Twitter Army badge.

Twitter Army HQ

One additional, cool feature for the Twitter Army at TechEd this year is your very own lounge called the Twitter Army HQ, where Twitter Army members can hang out, network, rest your feet, and recharge (charging stations will be on hand). The Twitter Army HQ will be located in the myITforum Lounge area in the Expo hall.

This Year’s Prizes

Of course, it helps to know what you are actually vying for by participating in the Twitter Army during the week.


The winners will be announced over Twitter.


By combining our forces, and putting together our “Twitter Army”, we can help others at the event get the most out of it, but also help those who cannot attend this year to still be part of the community fun and event happenings.

Everyone is invited!  See you there!!!

BTW: Can’t attend TechEd 2014?  You can still watch all the TechEd 2014 goodness as the Twitter Army provides you with up-to-the-minute content on the Twitter Feed page:

TechEd 2014 Live!


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  1. Luan.Moreno

    Great ideia, i’m so excited to participate to this group. The name “Twitter Army” is great. Congrats for all participants…

  2. datachick

    Registered. This sounds just like my kinda #msTechEdFun

  3. eddie c

    ill be watching you tweet….. i feel dirty now.

  4. Lee

    gee i over slept. who won?

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