SCCM 2012 – Security (Part 1)

Hi All, security is always a hot topic and people think that only blocking certain actions from the console is enough. but what about the data that is being sent to/from a client? from a server? is it secure? Well…before i answer this questions, you need to understand a bit more about SCCM. SCCM 2007 had 2 installation modes. Mixed mode and Native mode. the mixed mode was “unsecure” by default while the native mode was “a bit secure” by default. what i mean by this? in a mixed mode, all network traffic was not encrypted and the default protocol for client communication was HTTP while on native mode the default protocol was HTTPS. This changed on SCCM 2012 as you can set this option per role, it means that you can have a management point accepting either HTTP or HTTPS and another management point accepting HTTPS only. for all…

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