Migration and Application Compatibility Advice

Some hard advice for application management teams from Microsoft’s website

“If you are currently testing Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft recommends that you consider testing Internet Explorer 9 instead. If you are currently piloting or deploying Internet Explorer 8, consider adding a parallel project to pilot Internet Explorer 9 as part of your next critical deployment.”

And the challenges you can expect when attempting to implement that advice…

“Migrating to a new operating system poses certain unique challenges, primarily with the need to support legacy web applications. Organizations may have applications that were built for previous versions of Internet Explorer, such as Windows® Internet Explorer® 7 or Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6. These web applications may encounter compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 9. Additionally, Internet Explorer 6 does not natively run on Windows 7, and the option of running two versions of Internet Explorer simultaneously on Windows is not supported. For more information, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base…”

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