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After migrating to SCCM 2012 with MDT2013 and activated the new MDT Monitor function I saw the need to enable that information to our support staff. I found a few PowerShell scripts from Mikael  Nyström that did parts but nothing complete and more user friendly. So here is my attempt to write one ;-) The tool is written completely in PowerShell even though its packaged as an exe.


  • Powershell V3
  • Windows remoteing activated on the server with the the MDT Webservice*
  • Admin rights on the server with the MDT Webservice*

* Note: Remoting and Admin rights are only needed for the function to get the warning and error logs from the MDT server.

Before you start the tool you will need to update the file MDTMonitor.config.xml with the correct values for you environment.

Update: If you use the tool on the same server as the MDT Monitor Webservice you must use “localhost” as servername instead of the normal servername.

I recommend that you copy the dartremoteveiwer.exe to the same folder as the tool. The dartremoteviewer.exe tools works fine standalone and don’t need an installation.

When you start the tool you will need to press “Load” to load all clients, then you can either double click the computer you need information or mark it and then press “Info”.MDTMonitor1

The computer information page, from here you can start the Dartremoteviewer tool to an computer that is in WinPE (this needs that dart is integrated with your boot image see Johan Arwidmark’s post here.) or you can start Remote desktop for a computer that is in “Windows”.MDTMonitor2

If there are any Errors or Warnings from the MDT part of the installations the View buttons are enabled and you can get those from the server.MDTMonitor3

Enjoy! Hope you find it useful!

New in v1.2:
* Fixed Dart Remote Viewer not connection to full ip

New in v1.1:
* Added timers for autorefresh of webservice info
* Added some better errorchecking and cleaned up the code a bit

Download here:

MDT Monitor v1.2


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  1. SFs


    Thank you for the this great tool.

    I’m having a little problem with the DaRT Remote Control feature. I get an error message saying “There was an error connecting. Check IP and Port. Error Code -2092621306″. If i click OK and in the Connection Viewer press File > Connect, I see the correct ticket number and port already filled in, but the IP address just says “10″.
    If I manually enter the whole IP address, it connects to the client.

    RDP works when I tried it on a client that had finished OSD. I get the same result when running the tool locally on the site server and remotely. Using DaRT remote control from MDT console works as it should. Anyone know what could be causing this?

  2. Nick Clark

    Any chance you could add a button to connect to a machine as its imaging with CmRcViewer.exe as well?

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