Windows 8.1 – Keep up, Hold up, or Give up?

I came across this article on Redmond Magazine with advice from Gartner on how IT organizations should plan for Windows 8.1. Michael Silver, vice president and analyst at Gartner, said “IT pros are going to face issues associated with Microsoft’s faster software release cadence, with Windows 8 releases expected to arrive annually, instead of once every three years.” We have all become too accustom to change but “What doesn’t change a lot is app testing and remediation, he added. Microsoft’s faster release cadence with Windows 8 is probably too fast for organizations, …but for consumers, it may work fairly well.”

Unfortunately, that has become all too common; consumers have access to the latest OS and applications in their personal life, but have to endure using older versions at work. Businesses have struggled for years to keep employees armed with the latest software to power their business, but the reality is they have been unable to keep up with the pace. In the article, Michael outlines three options for companies to deal with the continual release of new applications and operating systems:

Keep Up – To keep up with Microsoft, IT organizations must test and remediate applications for Windows 8.1quickly. This requires a high level of automation to reduce manual labor. IT organizations in a state of continual application readiness will be prepared to roll out new versions to employees as they become available.

Hold Up – This has been the standard operating procedure in many IT organizations for too long. Sticking with an old version for years can causes compatibility issues and encourages employees to look outside of IT for the latest applications.

Give Up – IT organizations that embrace Bring Your own Device (BYOD) will let users purchase their own computing devices and then IT focuses their time on safeguarding security and provisioning applications to the device.

What will you do?

Read the complete article here Gartner Outlines How Organizations Can Plan for Windows 8.1


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