Free Video Training: Getting Ready For Running PowerShell on the Enterprise Desktop

103862 Managing the Enterprise Windows Desktop With PowerShell

Putting together a simple PowerShell Script is the easy part…

Ensuring that script will run reliably on thousands of Windows machines scattered across the globe is where a little guidance can save you a lot of time!

This course is a cheat sheet for getting your scripts to run reliably on the Enterprise Desktop. Most of the concepts and samples apply equally to servers.

Our new video course is chock full of important details and ready-to-run code samples to help you start using PowerShell on the Enterprise Desktop.  The course starts with an assessment quiz to help you understand if the content is right for you.  This is followed by a brief discussion about why scripting for the Enterprise Desktop is unique.  Additional key topics include powershell.exe switches to make your life easier, easy “launcher” code to make it easy for users and IT pros alike to startup PowerShell scripts and controlling the bitness (32 or 64) that your script executes in.

This course is free for a limited time.  Check Out This Video Course


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