Gartner Plans to Retire the IT Asset Management Repository MarketScope

By John Emmitt

Gartner has just published a research note (G00259251) saying that they will be retiring the IT Asset Management Repository MarketScope and will shift their focus to Software License Optimization and Entitlement Management. They see the ITAM market as becoming static, with little innovation, while there is growing client interest in Software License Optimization. One of the key findings in the report is that “Organizations have focused more on managing software assets, due to increased audit activity….” The report also notes that spend on software licenses and software audit true-up costs has gotten the attention of senior management. In addition to ensuring continuous license compliance, Software License Optimization focuses on the financial management of software assets throughout the product lifecycle–usually resulting in significant cost reductions.

This decision by Gartner is consistent with another recent Gartner report– Hype Cycle for IT Operations Management, 2013, in which they say that “The software license optimization vendors that specialize in license management are beginning to make inroads into large organizations that may have implemented ITAM programs, but are still not getting the data they need to ensure [license] compliance.”

Gartner started the shift to Software License Optimization with its July 2012 report: Software License Optimization Vendor Overview. You can access this Gartner report here to learn more about the Software License Optimization vendors that Gartner is following in this space.

To learn more, please read our white paper: What Does it Take to Achieve Software License Optimization?



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