Windows 8.1 upgrade renames Virtual Adapters

Ran into an interesting issue with the windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade.

I had 3 virtual adapters setup for the local Hyper-V environment.

Powershell = Get-VMSwitch

Name SwitchType
---- ---------- ------------------------------
HQ Datacenter (
HQ 1st Floor (
HQ 2nd Floor (

The Network Connections tab had these same names.  So it was easy to enable and disable the NICs.

Note: Disabling the NICs will increase the speed of your environment and web browsing.  Also reduces issues with Direct Access.


Post windows 8.1 upgrade the Network Connections view renamed these 3 adapters to Ethernet 2, Ethernet 3, and Ethernet 4.


However if you run the PowerShell you still see the correct values.

your options at this point are to delete and recreate or rename.  Personally, I went with delete and recreate (just to ensure nothing else changed)



#Delete Switches

Remove-VMSwitch -Name “HQ Datacenter (” -Force

Remove-VMSwitch -Name “HQ 1st Floor (” -Force

Remove-VMSwitch -Name “HQ 2nd Floor (” -Force

#Create Switches

New-VMSwitch “HQ Datacenter (” -SwitchType Internal

New-VMSwitch “HQ 1st Floor (” -SwitchType Internal

New-VMSwitch “HQ 2nd Floor (” -SwitchType Internal


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