Enterprise App Stores: Friend or Foe to Software Asset Management?

Our latest research with enterprises shows that 63% say they plan to implement an enterprise app store within the next two years.  However, 59% also say they have not yet thought through the implications an enterprise app store may have on their software asset management programs.

Done right, an enterprise app store can be a critically important step in moving beyond traditional
software asset management to true Software License Optimization where you have continuous software license compliance and optimized software spend.  An enterprise app store, integrated with your CaptureSoftware License Optimization processes can close a process leak that most organizations suffer from
today – rogue software purchases that go around corporate procurement processes.  An enterprise app store can help IT deliver on the consumerization of IT trend that the business wants – making it quick and easy for users to request and get the software they need to do their jobs.  A simple app store negates the need to go rogue.

If that app store knows which applications you have available licenses through integration with your Software License Optimization processes, you a critical linkage that ties applications directly to your software license management processes.  This linkage can also provide visibility directly into the applications users have download and whether or not they continue to use them.  This is important because many applications have usage rights that enable you to uninstall the application and reclaim the license back into the corporate pool if the application hasn’t been used in, say, 90 days.  Such integration has provided users easy access to the applications they need while IT knows that they have licenses for the downloaded applications and the ability to reclaim licenses if the user no longer uses the application.

An effective app store linked to your Software License Optimization process can also help IT proactively control software over-spend when initially provisioning computers as well.  Rather than loading up a new computer with applications a user may require, computers can be loaded with the essentials with the knowledge that users can easily request and download any other applications they need.  And, since manager approvals are baked in to the app store process, the business and IT both have control through each applications lifecycle.

An enterprise app store integrated with Software License Optimization processes can be an extremely valuable addition to helping you achieve your software asset management goals.  Within this critical linkage, the app store could actually make matters worse as you’ve now made it easy for users to download applications that you may not have licenses for (compliance problem) or that they ultimately don’t use (over-spend problem).


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