Kelverion Webinar – Annoucing our new Ready Built Runbook Solutions

So you’ve got Orchestrator and you’ve done some evaluation and you know it can do some clever things but all you have is a blank screen.  Now you are being asked to automated the provision of Virtual Machines, connect SCOM 2012 to your Service Desk, get System Center 2012 data into your company’s CMDB and not sure where to start?

With the power of Windows Server 2012 and the launch of System Center 2012 SP1, Self-Service Virtual Machine Provision, Intelligent Alert Forwarding, Automatic CMDB Population with System Center data has been placed into the hands of all Microsoft’s customers large or small.  A fully automated solution is now a reality whatever the size of your IT team.


Great you think and then you read the small print… all that is required is the configuration of some System Center tools (ok no problem I can do that) and the creation of a set of Orchestrator Runbooks (what ?)


Well someone must have done it before you think and if you stitch enough Technet articles, blog posts and some trial an error you can build something, if of course you have enough time!


Why cannot I just buy a solution rather than having to build one each time?

Well now you can with the Kelverion Runbook Solutions.


Kelverion have been producing Integration Packs to extend and enhance System Center 2012 SP1 Orchestrator for over 3 years and we now have 17 Integration Packs and utilities to make Orchestrator easier to use but Orchestrator still installs as a blank canvas for you to build your own automations in.


Increasingly companies have been approaching us and saying we need to do this, surely you’ve done this before? Haven’t you got something you have already built we can reuse?


Our consultants each have over 6 years of experience in building Orchestrator solutions (prior to the acquisition we all worked for Opalis!) and we use this expertise to help customers build automations with Orchestrator today.  We have therefore identified the top uses cases we are asked for and the functionality our customers have requested and have used this expertise to create a set of Ready Build Runbook Solutions.


Attend this valuable webcast Announcing the Kelverion Runbook Solutions, Friday, November 15th at 1:00 pm GMT.
Learn …

  1. Which Runbooks Solutions are available today and the Roadmap
  2. Get an overview of their functionality
  3. How the offerings can be easily extended to support your specific needs

Join me for Announcing the Kelverion Runbook Solutions, Friday, November 15th at 1:00 pm GMT.


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