Come hear me speak at the 5th annual Dell TechCenter User Group (DTCUG)

If you are attending DellWorld 2013 in December, I’d love to be able to hook up with any myITforum’ers in attendance. The majority of the event I’ll be tucked away doing “press” type of stuff, but I’ll also be walking the halls, visiting the Expo, and attending sessions.  Also, it’s in Austin this year again and there’s a fabulous running trail just about 2 blocks from the conference center. If you want to take a run or two during the week, let me know. I know the running trail very well. I actually got lost the last time I ran it (about 2 weeks ago) and ran another 10 miles or so learning where I made my mistake.

And, beyond that, I’ll be speaking at the 5th annual Dell TechCenter User Group meeting on Wednesday, December 11th. You can read all about that here: Dell TechCenter User Group – Dell World 2013


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