OSD – Injecting the Windows 7 Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF)

In a recent blog post by fellow Dell TechCenter Rockstar Warren Byle, he announced that many of the new Dell models (this is likely true with other vendors as well) require drives based on the updated Kernel Mode Driver Framework (1.11 at the time of this writing) in order to function properly.  With this new driver framework, Microsoft of course provides a hotfix that can be installed or injected into your Windows 7 image.

Now here is the “gotcha”, in order for this to work for OS Deployments, you have 2 options:

  1. Build a brand new WIM file and inject the hotfix (using MDT or DISM).  Then import that WIM into SCCM for deployment, test, retest, retest, deploy to production.  Not fun.
  2. Package it up and inject it offline during your existing deployments.

I don’t know about you but I prefer #2 and will inject the hotfix during my next image build.  So lets go over the steps on just HOW to inject this hotfix (or any really) in an offline way using your existing OSD Task Sequence.

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