MDT 2013 Documented Known Issues

So by this time, MDT 2013 RTM release is an old news. The latest version of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) has been released today. Download MDT 2013 from here. There are loads of excellent documents available here MDT 2013

MDT 2013 release notes contains 36 known issues listed below. There are 5 categories of known issues already documented! Release notes also contains workaround for most of these known issues. These are the documented known issues. We’ll come to known more known issues when loads of people start using the new version.

General Known Issues  (8 known issues)
Known Issues for LTI Deployments Only  (11 known issues)
Known Issues for All SCCM ConfigMgr Deployments  (9 known issues)
Known Issues for LTI and ZTI Deployments (2 known issues)
Known Issues for UDI Deployments (6 known issues)

General Known Issues

  1. Compiled HTML help files are not up to date
  2. Modifying key task sequence steps can lead to unpredictable results

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