The IT/Dev Connections Laptop/Tablet Bag

One of the very first questions asked about a Tech Conference is: “How’s the bag?”

I have received the bag and taken a long look at it and wanted to let you know what you can expect – or otherwise, make you jealous that you’re not attending IT/Dev Connections this year.

To be honest, the bag is a bit too big for me and I’ll probably end up offering it up to the family when I return home. That in no way indicates that the bag is not worthy. The bag is nice and the expanse makes it perfect for anyone who needs the space. But, I’m now used to traveling with only the Microsoft Surface Pro, so the additional features of the IT/Dev Connections bag are no longer what I seek. However, for those the carry a laptop AND a tablet, this bag has plenty of room for both, and then plenty of additional storage for anything else you want to travel with.

The bag is very roomy, and again, since I’m used to traveling with so little these days, I think some of my items might get lost in its expanse. It’s a shoulder bag, not unlike an oversized saddlebag-style carryall. It has a shoulder strap, but also a very important additional carry handle that makes it easy to carry with one hand if you need to. A year ago, before moving to travel with just the Surface Pro, this is a bag I’d carry constantly.

The only negative I can even say about this bag is that it’s a soft-sided bag, meaning there’s not a lot of padding for protecting your valuable computers and gadgets.

Here’s some a pictorial tour…





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  1. They have set the bar for tech sexy pretty high! I’d be looking for reasons to take that bag everywhere

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