Multipoint Server and SCCM 2012 Client Remote Control

Short Version : MultiPoint server and Network Level Authentication in the Remote Client of SCCM 2012 do not play well together when using zero-client USB connected devices.

When working with Multipoint Server, remote control can be an issue. In the one site that I have many MP servers in, we opted to use Multipoint manager. Not integrated into any other console, but it works. Another option would be to assign each client it’s own IP and remote them that way.

At this particular client we deployed 75 MP 2011 servers across 12 buildings (a school district). All was well until we upgraded to SCCM 2012. Suddenly we started getting odd screen issues – upon boot the screen would come up but the screen saver would not turn off. Moving the mouse just caused the screen saver graphic to jitter around the screen. Booting the server in safe mode or connecting RDP were the only ways to login. We could find no errors in the main log files are events related to the problem.

After a day we decided to move our one MPS 2012 box over to SCCM 2012. Immediately on refreshing the client after the upgrade, each station got the error below.


A quick look at the Remote Control settings in the SCCM Client showed that, sure enough, Remote Control settings were set to Network Level Authentication. Once this was turned off in all of the client policies and the clients refreshed, operation returned to normal.


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