Powershell Right Click Tools – Beta v1.5.003 Available!

The next version of my beta tools is now available! If you have v1.5.002, you’ll get an update prompt tomorrow and it should actually work! I’m making progress on this!

This new version has four new user tools – Change Password, Enable/Disable Account, Security Groups, and Unlock Account.  The Security Group tool is probably the neatest one of the bunch. It will show you all the security groups (Nested groups included) the user or group belongs to. The other tools are pretty self explanatory.

I go into a little more detail on each new tool at my site, and give an explanation for why I was a week late in this release!

Link to more information on this release

Link to download the new release


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  1. Клим Бутунин

    Can’t uninstall software in modul add/remove Program …

  2. EricP

    Is there a way to add a Icon like the default options from SCCM 2012 ?

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