Automated Self Service VM provision – A Ready Built Solution

With the power of Windows Server 2012 and the launch of System Center 2012 SP1 Self-Service Virtual Machine Provision has been placed into the hands of all Microsoft’s customers large or small.  A fully automated Self Service provision of a HyperV VM from a Service Catalogue is now a reality whatever the size of your IT team.

Great you think and then you read the small print… all that is required is the creation of Virtual Machine Manager VM templates (ok no problem I can do that), create a Service Request offering in Service Manager to advertise the Self Service Offering (err ?) and then link Service Manager to Virtual Machine Manager to drive automated provision using Orchestrator (what ?)

Well someone must have done it before you think and if you stitch enough Technet articles, blog posts and some trial an error you can build something if of course you have enough time!

Why cannot I just buy a wheel rather than having to re-invent it each time?

Well now you can with the Kelverion Self Service Virtual Machine Provision Solution.

This ready built offering implements the System Center 2012 products to automate the process from Service Request, through Change Approval and then provisioning the Virtual Machine, complete with updating the Configuration Item record and adding management and patching. All automated via Orchestrator.

The solution comes with a ready built with:

  • Service Manager Virtual Machine Provision Service Offerings
  • A Service Manager Change Request template so that the Service Requests can be approved prior to provision
  • Plugin to Virtual Machine Manager so that your own Virtual Machine Templates can be presented to the User as part of the Service Request

This is a fully adaptable offering the Service Catalogue can be hosted in Service Manager but the Change Process can be driven via your existing Service Desk.

New Virtual Machines can be added to the Service Manager CMDB or created in your own CMDB such as BMC Atrium, ServiceNow or CA Service Desk Manager.

The solution is also extensible to provision of HyperV, VMware or Citrix Zen VMs or all three simultaneously and the Self-Service migration of VMware or Citrix XenServer Virtual Machines to HyperV is also an option.

This Orchestrator driven solution delivers a number of fully automated functions;

  • Service Manager Service Catalogue Request being received
  • Change Requested raised in Service Manager
  • HyperV VM deployed via VMM
  • VM added to SCOM for management
  • VM SCCM for patching and application deployment
  • VM CI created in the SCSM CMDB

The offering can be easily extended to enable heterogeneous system support such as;

  • Create HyperV, VMware or Citrix XenServer VMs or all three simultaneously
  • Self-Service migration of VMware or Citrix XenServer Virtual Machines to HyperV

To see the solution in action or demo it to a colleague watch our video at

If you would like to break with IT tradition and actually be able to buy a solution rather than reinvent it yourself then email for more details or contact me direct


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