iPhone 5S in the Enterprise

In the regular yearly Apple announcements today, apart from the new colorful iPhone 5C, probably the most interesting is the new iPhone 5S, that supports the new A7 CPU running a 64-bit architecture. It will also support 32-bit applications. I would assume that enterprise applications will need to be compiled in 32-bit to run on all the iOS devices, and then perhaps separate versions compiled for 64-bit to run more optimized for the iPhone 5S.

It also sports a new M7 co-processor which supports a accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. A new “CoreMotion” API will make it easier for developers to utilize. In addition to health and fitness apps, I’m wondering if this could also be used for more accurate in-building positioning solutions. By using sensors you could pick up when WiFi and GPS are available and still calculate your location.

The iPhone 5C and iPhone5S also sports a larger battery which has been lacking on the iPhone 5. Especially the new camera features on the iPhone 5S will probably cater to office professional consumers and probably make it more opt to be brought into your enterprise BYOD environments.

In possible what can be a huge step forward in security features, the new Apple “TouchID” fingerprint reader is built into the iPhone 5S home button. Multiple finger prints can be stored and it can replace the device passcode entry, and application purchases.

Unknown at this point how many of these security features can be managed until the mobile security vendors can follow up with further announcements.

For the enterprise the iPhone 5S may signal a new wave of better security embedded hardware products. We will see as the Apple device is available on September 20, 2013 and further details are made available.



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