5 key help desk features you need to NOT miss service level agreements!

In simple terms, Service Level Agreement (SLA) acts as a checkpoint for the end-users and the help desk professionals. SLAs help ensure sanity in a service environment by:
-Enabling customer satisfaction
-Facilitating service desk efficiency
However, in most cases, SLAs are not easy to manage as end-users may bypass official ticket logging routes. Instead, they use routes that are not included in measuring the effectiveness of service requests.

Consider a typical help desk scenario:

  • The end-user does not log a ticket because he/she thinks that walking up to the help desk expert would stress the urgency of the issu
  • The help desk professional tends to these unofficial requests because he/she thinks:
    -Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance
    -Closing the request right away will get rid of the nagging end-user faster

The aforementioned scenario leads to the classic case of help desk professionals working on tickets unaccounted for in the system. The first step to SLA non-conformity! Of course, this non-conformity leads to service inefficiencies.
SolarWinds help desk software addresses the SLA challenge with well-thought-out SLA management techniques.
Customized Alerts
This is one of the most basic features that can ensure that the technicians don’t miss SLAs. When ticket jobs have been left unattended or incomplete for a specific period of time, Web Help Desk™ can be configured to immediately send email and SMS text messages to the respective help desk professionals.

2-way Communication
Bi-directional email correspondence between the end-users and help desk pros is very effective. The end-users know the status of their tickets, who the ticket is getting reassigned to, and also get to exchange notes with the technicians. Keeping the end-user up-to-date addresses part of the SLA challenges.
Custom Visual Alerts
Web Help Desk enables technicians to configure custom color codes based on SLA breach times. This way, they know upon viewing their ticket queue which tickets require immediate attention.

Auto-escalations and notifications
Action rules can be configured to automatically route and escalate tickets depending on various factors like location, department, SLA due date, etc.

Performance Metrics
Even with all of the SLA alerts, routing, messaging, etc., it’s imperative that you measure the time for every ticket—from open to close. Web Help Desk enables the technician to measure key performance indicators, make custom reports, analyze bottlenecks, and identify areas of improvement. There are various ways to create tickets: auto-triggered by network & systems monitoring software, via email, and direct from end-users employing the built-in self-service capabilities for repetitive tasks. Therefore, you will always have visibility throughout the lifecycle of a ticket.
SLAs need not be viewed as challenging. With SolarWinds Web Help Desk, technicians and IT departments get significant leverage on customer satisfaction and help desk efficiency in a simple and streamlined way.
What are you waiting for? Take a test drive today to see SLA management in action!


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