SCCM Client Actions Tool PowerShell Edition aka PoshCAT

A few weeks ago I released a new tool called PoshCAT.

SCCM Client Actions Tool PowerShell Edition aka PoshCAT is a practical and simple PowerShell application for performing most common day-to-day administrative tasks on System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Clients. The tool allows running actions remotely on one or more computers simultaneously. A list of computers can be provided either from a file (CSV, TXT) or loaded from Configuration Manager Collection importer or through Add Computer prompt or from Active Directory.

You can find the old version from here SCCMCAT - by Christjan Schumann.


· Multithreaded – 10 jobs at one time

· CSV reporting

· Configuration Manager 2012 Collection browser

· Configuration file for Client Actions

· Possibility to add own functions

· Support for two different job types

· Ability to create different Client Actions sets for different Support groups

· Alternate Credentials Support

· Active Directory Connector


Currently the tasks that can be performed are classified by 7 categories:

Tool Actions

Client schedule actions

· Hardware Inventory Cycle

· Software Inventory Cycle

· Discovery Data Collection Cycle (Send DDR)

· Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle

· Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle

· Software Updates Scan Cycle

· File Collection Cycle

· Windows Installer Source List Update Cycle

· Software Metering Usage Report Cycle

· Desired Configuration Manager Cycle

· Application Machine Policy Cycle

· Application Global Evaluation Cycle

Client agent actions

· Get ConfigMgr Client Management Point

· Restart SMS Agent Host service

· Get SMS Agent Host Service State

· Reassign ConfigMgr Client Site Code

· Create a new SMSCFG.ini file

· Reset ConfigMgr Client policies

· Repair ConfigMgr Client

· Uninstall ConfigMgr Client

· Install ConfigMgr Client

· Get ConfigMgr Client Inventory Dates

· Get ConfigMgr Client Cache Information

· Remove ConfigMgr Client Cache Items

· Set ConfigMgr Client Cache Size

Client health actions

· Reset WMI Repository

· Salvage WMI Repository

· Get WMI Repository State

· Get Admin$ Share Status

Software Updates and Endpoint Protection Actions

· Get ConfigMgr Client WSUS Content Location

· Get Windows Update Agent Version

· Get Missing Updates

· Install Missing Updates

· Query Updates Status

· Start Endpoint Protection Full Scan

· Get Endpoint Protection Applied Policies

· Get Endpoint Protection Last Scan Date

Application Virtualization

· Get APP-V Client Packages

· Get APP-V Client Configuration

· Get APP-V Client Version

· Enable APP-V Client Package Scripts

Deployment / Advertisement Actions

· Get ConfigMgr Client Available Applications

Other actions

· Restart Computer

· Shut down Computer

· Ping Computer

· Get Reboot Pending State

· Log off current user

· Get logged-on user

· Get system uptime

· Get Applied Group Policies

· Refresh Group Policies

· Get Free Disk Space

PoshCAT requirements

· Windows Management Framework 3.0

· Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or newer

· Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012

· Administrative Permissions

· PowerShell Remoting



You can download the tool and documentation from here

Enjoy :)


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