SAM tool requirement checklist and differentiators

This SAM Tool Requirement Checklist posted on The ITAM Review is a great start for any organization that is in the market for a new software asset management (SAM) tool. I would add a few features though that differentiate the leaders from the rest of the pack.

SAM Tool Differentiators
  • Native discovery and inventory or the flexibility to import data from your 3rd party sources
  • Manually input or automatically import business data including purchases, contract and organizational structure
  • Manual or automatic linking of business data with inventory to create license positions
  • Advanced intellectual property including libraries for application recognition, product use rights and SKUs that are updated regularly
  • Powerful and flexible interface that provides advanced reporting
  • On premises or SaaS options
  • Direct integration with other application management solutions such as enterprise app store and packaging solutions
  • Vendor delivery services offerings based on the IRS’s business objectives including process creation and alignment
Final Note

Remember that SAM and software license optimization (SLO) should be approached as a program containing multiple iterations of projects, one built upon the other. This drives the organization’s SAM maturity level. To accomplish higher levels of SAM maturity you need a tool that can grow with your organization, one that offers the necessary features. Otherwise, you may waste your money on a product that will require a replacement in the future.


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  1. Piaras MacDonnell

    Good starting list. I’d add to it:
    1. Support for UNIX discovery and inventory
    2. Support for virtual hosts both at a deployment and entitlement level
    3. Ability to manage enterprise agreements
    4. Support for server as well as desktop software

    I’m sure there are many more

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