Right Click Tools for ConfigMgr Administrators

By Garth Jones

Several weeks ago, I ran into an issue where I needed to force every PC to perform a full hardware inventory ASAP, and I needed to ensure that every PC would provide the most up-to-date data.

There is no way to use Configuration Manager (CM) 2012 or 2007 on its own to force every PC to provide up-to-date hardware inventory information. However, I have been around the CM world long enough to know that “Right Click Tools” will solve this problem.

For whatever reason I didn’t have any “Right Click Tools” installed, so I did a quick search. I went to Bing and typed, “Rick Houchins Right Click Tools.” The page was there, BUT there was a problem, Rick moved this tool from its old location to a new site. I couldn’t find it, so I sent an email to my buddy Greg (I didn’t have Rick’s email address handy) to ask him if he knew where the new site was located as Greg and Rick work together. About 10 minutes after sending the email to Greg, I had the new site:


These “Right Click Tools” should be a part of every CM administrator’s toolbox!

Right-Click Tools


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  1. Nash

    Garth… I stopped using Rich Houchins stuff when it looked like he copy/pasted all of Dan Ireland’s HTAs and changed Dan’s name to his. If you want HTA-based console extensions, just use Dan Irelands since he has maintained them a little better.

    However, Ryan Ephgrave’s PowerShell Right Click Tools are getting pretty good and worth checking out as a replacement for almost all the Rich or Dan tools.

    Just my two bits. I hope that helps,


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