An OSD Front End with PowerShell

Daniel Ratliff recently upgraded his site to System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1.  Prior to that he was utilizing an HTML-based front end for OSD for ConfigMgr 2007. With the improved capability in ConfigMgr 2012 and support for PowerShell 3.0 in WinPE 4.0, he felt the need to develop his own front end.  And, thankfully, he also felt the need to share it with everyone.

Here’s the link for more information and the download:  PowerShell OSD Frontend with Windows Forms

Here’s what it does:

  • Prompts for authentication to your domain
  • Displays basic computer information such as Make, Model, NIC, etc.
  • Prompts for computer name, with a few samples listed
  • Default computer name is WK and the machines serial number
  • For VMWare virtual machines, computer name is VM and the authenticated user
  • Scans your site server for existing device records
  • Utility to format disk
  • Utility to delete ConfigMgr records
  • Utility to specify source computer for data migration

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