Interview with Logan Hutchinson about the AdminStudio 2013 launch

I had the great pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Logan Hutchinson, Product Manager with Flexera Software, to hear about how the release of AdminStudio 2013 makes the product much more than a repackaging tool. I went into the interview with the attitude that I knew what AdminStudio was all about, but finished up about 28 minutes later realizing that AdminStudio 2013 provides a much deeper feature set than, I believe, anyone realizes.

Flexera Software has gone to great lengths to develop a product that addresses a lot of the current industry trends, but does so in a way that incorporates what customers actually want, instead of like some vendors, forcing them kicking and screaming to just accept a vision they won’t deviate from. AdminStudio 2013 incorporates some really cool solutions including providing a software deployment mechanism for Windows Intune! During the interview you’ll also hear about how AdminStudio 2013 helps with Windows XP migrations, which should be on everyone’s list right now, considering Microsoft drops support for Windows XP in April 2014. And, one of the most unexpected pieces of AdminStudio 2013 is an App-V upgrade wizard, allowing organizations using App-V to migrate packages seamlessly and quickly to version 5. There’s plenty more, including a great discussion about the history of InstallShield/Acresso/Flexera.

Tune in and listen here:


Logan HutchinsonLogan Hutchinson is the Product Manager responsible for the AdminStudio Suite of products. He was previously the product manager for InstallShield and InstallAnywhere and has over 9 years of software product management experience. Logan has worked on a wide range of products and platforms including mobile, SaaS, document and workflow management, and digital asset management. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.



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