MMS 2014 Teaser

By now you’re starting to wonder what is to come about MMS 2014, particularly with no official announcements being made during a few months of Microsoft events and conferences. The rumors have been flying frequently, and like a game of Telephone, the story keeps getting bigger and more confusing.

Will MMS continue on as a Microsoft event? Will there be a MMS 2014? Will it be co-locating with TechEd in Houston in 2014? Will it be back at home in Vegas?

Answers are coming, I promise.

For now…I’ll leave you with a teaser.

Go here:

..and, you’ll see this:



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  1. eddie c

    well thats exciting. heres to hoping for the Venetian. :-)

  2. Ladewig

    Your teaser link goes to nothing. Whatever entry was there isn’t there now.

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