Special IT Connections Savings Code for myITforum’ers

As most of you should know by now, myITforum is involved in a conference toward the end of September called IT Connections. IT Connections is what a conference might look like if you took the community of  MMS mixed it with the topics of TechEd.  IT Connections is a highly technical event with a lot of community pieces built into it – very similar to what MMS was about 5-6 years ago. IT Connections is not a new event (its been going for about 13 years), but the focus is changing to ensure attendees are getting the most value through learning about the technologies that represent the biggest impact on your jobs.

In Windows IT Pro Shares the Top Reasons for Attending IT/Dev Connections, I wrote about some top reasons why IT Connections will be an event you’ll want to pencil in on your yearly conference schedule. Check it out when you get a chance. Also, take a look at the speaker list.  You’ll immediately recognize a bunch of folks in the list.

Early Bird registration ends on June 30th, but to help spread the love around for IT Connections, the event folks are offering an additional savings (in addition to Early Bird) to myITforum’ers who register with a special code.

Use this code when registering: ITDMYITF13

Register here: IT/Dev Connections

I hope to see you there!


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