Opening the Configuration Manager Control Panel Icon – Windows 8 Frustrations Solved

I’m a huge shortcut guy, I know quite a few of them…  Windows 8 is an interesting OS. The new search menu is less than intuitive and although you can open the control panel from it, and then select the Configuration Manager icon. You could also search for “Configuration Manager”, as long as you remember to change the search to settings :)

A much simpler an faster way is to simple open the Configuration Manager icon directly. This can be accomplished by running “control smscfgrc”.  Huge thanks to one of my recent students for finding this!



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  1. Ola Holtberget

    Or even easier, make a CMD file in c:windows called “sccm.cmd” with:

    start c:windowsccmscclient.exe

    start c:windowsccmsmscfgrc.cpl

    Start – Run “sccm” and you’re golden

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