Getting the OSDAppTree to work with ConfigMgr 2012 Applications

I’ve been using Jason Sandys’ OSD App Tree for a while now and it’s been a rock solid solution for me.  It has provided the framework and customizability to allow deployment technicians to select applications at the beginning of an OS Deployment instead of having to visit the system post-image to install applications.

There is only one issue with it, it hasn’t been updated (at the time of this writing) since 2010 and thus doesn’t support the new Application Model introduced in Configuration Manager 2012.  Sure you could just keep using the (now) “Legacy” Package/Program model, but that would potentially mean managing applications in both the Application Model AND the Legacy Packages model.  Or worse yet, just not using the amazing features available in the Application Model.

Well, in times like these I’m not one to just give up.  The OSD App Tree already makes use of the Dynamic Task Sequence variables to do its bidding and the new Application Model can also leverage it (with some slight differences).  So with a little thinking and some PowerShell code, I present to you the Convert-OSDAppTree.ps1 script!


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