TechNet Forums Getting Facelift, Still No Word On Library

By Nash Pherson  -

Users logging into the TechNet Forums over the past few days have been treated to a notice that the forums will receive a significant user interface upgrade on June 18th.  It appears that the TechNet Forums will be getting skinned in the minimalist style of Office 2013.  These design changes are intended to improve search, discoverability and navigation.

You can read all about the benefits of the Forums redesign to the homepage, threads, and for power users here:


Unfortunately, there is still no information about any plans to fix the problems with the TechNet Library documentation pages.  During their last user interface “upgrade”, the ability to search pages with a browser’s find function was crippled when they started hiding the text on the page behind title drop-downs.  The legacy ‘script-free’ display view was a useful workaround to this problem until it was removed about 4 months ago.

It is important to note this has nothing to do with the ConfigMgr documentation team; the style and design of TechNet are out of their control.  The TechNet Feedback Forum and the TechNet (and MSDN) Feedback Forms are the appropriate places to let Microsoft know how well (or poorly) the sites are serving your needs.

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