Samsung Chronos 7 Laptop Bricked?

I’ve heard of mobile phones getting bricked, mostly iPhones when you jailbreak them but never heard of a laptop getting bricked. Well I have one right here, a Samsung Chronos 7, enabled UEFI and installed Windows 8, second time Windows 8 has gone on this laptop, after the first reboot it completes BIOS initialization then reboots immediately, no OS load, no ability to load from USB\CD to recover, dead as a dodo.

It’s going back to Samsung for repair under warranty, hopefully they won’t try it on and charge me as a software fault, explained in detail that the OS doesn’t even load before it reboots and that the Windows 8 media is regularly used to build VM’s and was also used to build this laptop previously. Fingers crossed!

Here’s some horror links for general consumption, don’t read these with the lights off or you might get a fright lol…104274238.104276001.1.104276111.…1.1.16.psy-ab.1crSb554mdM&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47534661,d.d2k&fp=4abc5a0cf822eddd&biw=1920&bih=1002

Note that Ubuntu was the culprit previously, but Windows 8 is falling foul of this as well … if you have one of these puppies just be aware.


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  1. It is due to some boot options. By changing boot options you should be able to get it to boot. This has to do with secure boot and fastboot options and I think also due to the way the disk is partionned as a defaut and its recovery partition. I had the same thing happening, if you are going to repartition or just have a different setup, you will need to change some options in the BIOS.

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