Disable Reading Mode and Protected View in Word 2013

I know it’s there for a reason, but I can’t stand the Reading View and the Protected mode in Word 2013.  I don’t like the layout of Reading View, and I feel I’m smart enough to open documents I know are safe :)


To disable the Reading View. Go to File – Options – General.  Uncheck “Open E-Mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view”


To disable Protected Mode. Go to File – Options – Trust Center – Trust Center Settings.  Select Protected View, then clear all the checkboxes.


There, free and clear to open and edit documents without Word telling me what to do! :)


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  1. ITGuy11

    Great tips, those modes annoy the hell out of me!

  2. Megan R

    I have unchecked everything above and it still asked me to “enable editing” because it’s in protected view when I open a document. What gives?

  3. RickN

    Thank you very much. I was able to change the view when my protected document opens, from web to print (which is what I saved it in originally)

  4. Jenn Anderson

    Thanks so much! This annoyed the heck out of me. Your post was accurate & easy to understand. What a great help!

  5. DbgTwt

    Thank you SO MUCH. So easy to follow. Those modes are so annoying. I edit documents I receive as attachments all day.

  6. Leave Comments

    Thank you so much. That was driving me mad.

  7. Francois-Xavier Charpentier

    Thank you! The MS Word 2013 reading mode gets on my nerves beyond words

  8. briguy

    Thanks for the info. I knew the option was in there, but I couldn’t find it.

  9. MT

    Thanks… clear, succinct and sorted it all out. Cheers!

  10. DWdrum

    OMG dude…thanks for sharing this. Just did a quick Google search to disable this, found your article. Thanks again

  11. Dingy

    I have the settings as above. Yesterday I worked on a document and saved it to my network drive. Today I want to open and edit it by clicking open under recent documents. Word just does not let me edit it this way. No yellow ribbon and just the message; “this modification is not allowed because the document is opened for viewing only” in the bottom status bar when I try to type anything….

  12. who cares

    Thank you! Can’t stand Office 2013… it keeps trying to guess what I want instead of doing what I tell it to. Everything takes so much longer… but this will help immensely Thank you.

  13. Sandi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  14. This does not work for me. I am using the student version of MS Office 2013. Help!

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