Watch Brad Anderson’s TechEd 2013 Keynote Live

On Monday, June 3rd (8:30am CDT), Brad Anderson will be keynoting TechEd 2013. For those attending TechEd 2013, I highly recommend showing up to listen.  Brad does a great job and there are many new product and service announcements to be made.  If you attended MMS 2013 and felt robbed (some did!) because there weren’t a lot of new announcements during the keynote, TechEd is the event where Microsoft will catch up on public news announcements.  There’s been a lot of press over Windows 8.1, but don’t be surprised if the System Center Suite gets it’s own “blue” announcements.

If you are not attending TechEd 2013, you can still watch Brad give his keynote by watching the live stream.

Register here:  TechEd North America Live Stream

P.S. Here’s a secret tip: Its actually a better experience, most times, to stream the keynote in your hotel room than actually attend the session in person – but, you didn’t hear it from me.


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