SCORCH Exchange IP Get Mailbox Activity Limit of 1000

I was recently working with a customer using the Exchange Integration Pack with Orchestrator to do some user off-boarding automation and ran into a perceived problem with the Get Mailbox Activity.   When initially creating the Get Mailbox properties, I only selected a SAM Account Filter to retrieve the mailbox that I wanted to disable.   When using this filter, I wasn’t retrieving any mailbox properties.

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To troubleshoot, I decided to set the Database Property to MIS and removed the filter in order to see if I would get anything returned.

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Bingo…got mailbox data back from the MIS database.  I put the filter back on and everything still worked!   I then removed the Database entry and no data was returned.  What the heck?  Bug?  After more head scratching and troubleshooting, I found one more property that I ended up missing called Result Size and by default it specifies  “unlimited”.  Duh!

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Once that was specified, everything started working  as expected and was able to retrieve the mailbox information by using the SAM Account Filter.  However, it was a little slower as a result of pulling everything down.  In this case, the customer was relatively small in regards to their Exchange Organization so it was manageable.  For larger organizations, it might be better to first determine what Database the mailbox is associated with and pass that into the Get Mailbox activity.

Now that I have the mailbox information, I was then able to pass the identity to the Disable Mailbox activity and effectively disabled the mailbox as part of my off-boarding runbook.

5-23-2013 4-21-26 PM

I ran an additional test and determined that the default limit was 1000 entries.

Happy Orchestrating!

Bob Erwin


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