Brad Anderson giving some of the same and more at TechEd 2013

Its great to see Brad so excited about keynoting at TechEd 2013. Just off from keynoting at MMS 2013, Brad will be presenting the IT side of TechEd 2013.  You might expect to hear a lot of what he talked about at MMS 2013, but from what I understand there will be some significant announcements made at TechEd this year.

There were those that were disappointed with the lack of announcements at MMS 2013, but I always try to ensure folks remember that MMS is about content and community.  That’s what makes MMS special and successful. It might also be good to remember, that in the past, Microsoft has used other conferences like IT Forum (now kaput) to announce System Center improvements and releases, causing the MMS faithful to feel a bit left out and jealous.  MMS needs to keep its focus – providing the best content and support for systems management.  Microsoft can keep its marketing events like TechEd, and honestly, that’s where the announcements should be made.

Still, Brad’s an old friend and a good person, and I’m happy to hear that he’s keynoting at TechEd.  This tells me a couple things.  One, Brad is not stagnate.  He’s moving up the ranks within the walls of Redmond. And, that’s good on a number of levels, but most importantly he has a favorable voice.  So, when he fights for MMS, people will listen.  And, two, he’s helping evangelize System Center and Cloud to new crowds, ensuring that our community continues to grow.

Brad talks about his keynoting excitement in a recent blog post:

TechEd 2013: Big News and a Big Event

So…I’ll be at TechEd 2013.  I hope to see you there!


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    I look forward to hearing Brad at TechEd 2013

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