InstallShield Helps Software Vendors Stay Abreast of Enterprise Technology Trends

By Ken Hilker

Earlier this week I read a blog post: Easy XP-Windows 7 Upgrades are Over regarding enterprise Windows 7 migrations.  A discussion in the comments section that enterprise IT departments are replacing products that haven’t yet released support for Windows 7 with competitive solutions caught my eye. As software producers, this is a reminder of the importance to stay on top of enterprise technology trends or risk being replaced. Currently Windows migrations, application virtualization, and the move to 64-bit platforms are among the major enterprise IT initiatives that all software vendors should be supporting if they want to maintain their strategic enterprise accounts.

One step that can help you stay on top of these trends is to ensure your development tools, such as InstallShield, are kept up to date. Upgrading to the latest version of InstallShield not only ensures your installation supports the latest Windows editions, but also tests your application against Windows best practices and logo requirements. By including a maintenance plan, you receive the latest platform updates and support for new enterprise technology trends as they become available. Plus, InstallShield’s Virtualization Pack is available to release your application for Microsoft App-V enterprise deployments.


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