Windows 8 Activation – Unable To Change The Product Key

Recently had an issue with my own laptop where Windows 8 wouldn’t activate. I was pretty sure the product key was wrong, but there isn’t any way in the GUI to change the product key like there was in Windows 7.

After some searching I found a MS article that explained how to change the product key in a few different ways.

“Change product key” link is not available in Windows 8 or in Windows Server 2012

Using the Slui.exe 0×3 from a Run dialog allowed me to change the key and successfully activate.  Using the slgmgr.vbs /ipk would work as well, but the slui.exe was new to me so I used that method.

Hope this helps someone else that runs into the situation.


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  1. zulfeqar

    i just wanna windows 8 activation key nothing apart from that

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