For those that missed MMS 2013: The conference bag

A blue, pin-striped interior with a European design, the MMS 2013 conference bag was a mixed bag (*ahem*, pun intended).  Some loved it, while others seemed to be happier carrying around the bag they brought with them.  And, still others (myself included) had the bag yanked from their hands by their wives upon arrival home because it seemed overly feminine.  My wife was excited to carry it around as a laptop case, and when I showed her the accessory bag that came with it, she got even more excited that the conference folks included a “make-up” bag.  How thoughtful!

Personally, I won’t be carrying this myself.  I’m more of a backpack traveler.  The MMS 2013 bag is definitely a lot more professional-looking than a backpack, but I’ll risk it.


MMS 2013 conference bag


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  1. Chad Simmons

    My wife claimed the bag the moment she saw it which was just fine with me. The only thing I could think to do with it was burry it in the closet with the luggage. Hopefully next year will be a seriously cool and useful backpack!

  2. John Dito

    Excellent bag, very functional and actually has some style…..unlike 99.7% of MMS attendees ;-)

  3. DerekO

    I liked the bag except:
    1) No back strap to put on luggage handles when travelling
    2) Strap not removable
    3) Handle attached to back, not top, so that it hangs at an angle when carrying and bumps into stuff like you leg.
    4) Velcro AND Magnet on one flap

    It will be a good sparezie bag for when I have to take systems (work) home but certain’t won’t be my main bag.

    The contemporary messenger bag look is nice enough.

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