Tip: Forcing the Windows Store to check for App Updates

The Windows Store has a habit of not updating as frequently as I would like.  I read about a new app update somewhere, jump to the Windows Store to get it, and the Windows Store has no clue that the app update is available.  I could jump to the Your Apps option in the Store, locate the app and update it manually, but there’s another way.

You can force the Windows Store to check for updates by doing this…

1. With the Windows Store app open, access the Charms menu and choose App Updates.


2. Once the App Updates screen displays, tap or click the Check for Updates button.


3. Once the Windows Store refreshes, you should see a new update available, allowing you to update the app you were looking for.



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  1. curtmcg1rt

    maybe in a couple of years, microsoft will let us check a box somewhere to install updates to apps automatically, like my past six android phones and tablets have let me do. fingers crossed!

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