Surface Pro, OneNote, and MMS 2013

I’ll be bringing both a Surface RT and a Surface Pro with me to MMS 2013.  The Surface RT will be powering the slide decks at the myITforum booth (#741), helping us select the giveaway winners, and displaying some media at the myITforum party.  The Surface Pro, on the other hand, will be providing everything else – primarily, all my personal stuff like Twitter Army stats, email, last minute deck changes for my sessions, serving music in my hotel room with the Braven 600, storing the Bible for our morning meetings, etc.  But, it will also be my mainstay for note taking during sessions, utilizing OneNote and the Pro’s digital stylus.

The more I use OneNote, the more I love it.  Today, I was testing OneNote’s markup ability on the Surface Pro, using the pen, and thought this was a neat tip for the rest of you.

I took the MMS 2013 Expo map (we posted it yesterday here:  Final layout for the MMS 2013 Expo), pulled into OneNote and then was able to use the Surface Pro’s pen to make notations on the map.  My silly scrawl looks horrible, and I’m positive you can do better and probably find more uses for it than even I’ve thought up already.

Take a look:

MMS 2013 Expo in OneNote


This really opens up a whole new function for the Surface Pro and OneNote.  This has my creativity flowing and I can’t wait to see what else I’ll be using the combination for at MMS 2013.

Do you do this already?  Do you do other things with this configuration that you find extremely useful?  Let me know in the comments.


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  1. If I can get my hands on a presenter’s PowerPoint slides prior to their talk, I import them into OneNote, then annotate the slides with my handwritten notes during the presentation.

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