Installation Flexibility and Enterprise Transformation

By Peter Varhol

What is the relationship between a business practice like enterprise transformation and application installation? It all comes down to the ability of enabling the application to quickly and easily respond to rapidly changing business needs.

Enterprise transformation means that business processes are analyzed and changed to adapt to both new business opportunities and advances in information technology. A key facet in supporting enterprise transformation is the ability to deliver applications and features where and when they are needed to support new business processes and opportunities.

Using modern agile development methodologies, IT software development teams and application producers have been able to build application features iteratively in response to high-priority business needs. But to make those features useful, you have to do more than simply build them – you also need to create an installer in order to deliver them to the end-user.

There are many installation methods available today including virtual appliances and App Stores. Popular cloud platforms include Amazon EC2, RackSpace and Microsoft Azure. Azure is a popular choice with Microsoft developers because it offers a robust Windows and .NET execution environment. You may also provide your own Windows and .NET infrastructure.

To be agile and support the changing needs of business, teams may be required to change the installation priorities of an application under development. Even if installation requirements are known and defined at the beginning of a project, application producers are increasingly releasing their applications using multiple release types for their various users and target deployment environments.

All of this places many demands on the installation development process. Development teams need an installation solution that can create multiple installers for multiple environments. As business needs continue to rapidly change and adapt, the ability to provide the highest level of support and ensure successful transformation provides a competitive edge.

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