Integrating ConfigMgr’s Remote Control component into Service Manager

To help with integrating the Remote Control function of ConfigMgr 2012 into Service Manager 2012, Antoni H gives you a walk-through of a couple different options.  One method is to completely install the ConfigMgr console on the same computers that have the Service Manager console installed.  The other, involves simply copying the contents of the C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration manager\AdminConsole\bin\i386 to the Service Manager console computer.

Service Manager is a completely customizable environment, allowing you to add a special Task to the SCSM console to link to the CmRcViewer.exe included in the files either copied, or installed with the ConfigMgr console.

Antoni gives you the full procedure for setting this up in all it’s screen-captured glory here:  Create a Custom Task for Connecting to System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Remote Control from Service Manager 2012 (SCSM) Console


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