FAQ: System Center apps supported to run in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

There’s been some discussion recently about what is and what is not supported to run in a VM on Windows Azure.  Sometimes I think even Microsoft confuses themselves on the issue.  So, let’s go straight to the MSKB.

Per KB Article 2721672, the following apps are currently supported running in a VM on Windows Azure (note, these are all SP1 level revisions):

Microsoft System Center
System Center 2012 SP1 and later is supported for the following applications:

There are many other products listed on that page as supported running in a VM for Windows Azure.  See them all here:

Microsoft server software support for Windows Azure Virtual Machines


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  1. Keith Mayer

    Note, while System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is not supported for production use on Windows Azure, this can be a pretty cost-effective way to setup an on-demand ConfigMgr test/demo lab environment.
    I’ve got a step-by-step guide to building this lab environment in the Clouds at http://aka.ms/CM12CloudLab

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