Surface Pro Tip: Keeping the network connection alive during downloads

As you probably know by now, the Surface Pro will shutdown on a schedule to save battery. Included in this sleep process, Windows 8 also shuts down the network connection.  (if you missed this little nuance, see: Surface Pro vs. Surface RT: An honest comparison) When this happens any file downloads you’ve initiated just stop.  So, if you’re trying to load up your Surface Pro with movies for a trip, or attempting to download the latest System Center 2012 SP1 bits, the downloads will never complete unless you can keep the Surface Pro “alive” to complete the downloading process.

To keep the Surface Pro alive during downloads you’ll want to employ the use of an app like a Clock app.  You can get a couple suggestions for some good Clock apps in a recent article:  Turn your Microsoft Surface into an expensive desk clock

And, if you want to be able to monitor the percentage of download completion, run the clock in a side window next to the app that is performing the downloads.

Here’s an example of how I do it:

Download tip

In this instance, I can just walk away and allow the Xbox movie downloads to complete.  And, when I’m curious how far along they are, I can just walk by and take a glance.


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