Meet and Geek at MMS 2013–volunteers wanted

We’re getting extremely close to MMS 2013 kicking off!  If you attended MMS 2012 you should be aware of the awesome event that we put on called the Meet and Geek.  The Meet and Geek is a restaurant type setting (complete with food and drinks) where you come to network.  The event worked so well and was so popular that we’ve been asked to pull this off again for MMS 2013.  All are invited!

We’ll be rolling out more information about the event next week (time, place, etc.), but for now we’re asking for volunteers to help with the social event.  If you are interested in helping manage and run the event, let me know.  Either leave a note here, use the site’s messaging system, or drop me a personal email.

Those who were involved for MMS 2012 had a great time and even took home some memorable items <wink, wink>.

Looking forward to an awesome event!


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  1. Won’t know what I am doing :) but sounds like a great event. I’ll help.

  2. Fine… I’m in again this year But don’t expect me to return the apron I stole last year!

  3. Mr. Trent, I also can help out.

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