Update: System Center 2012 SP1 Woes, Gotchas, and Workarounds

The original document here on myITforum.com provides general coverage for issues related to SP1 for System Center 2012 – the entire Suite.  Since the release of the document, we have worked with Microsoft to identify the issues, resolutions, fixes, and those items that are still being investigated for Configuration Manager 2012.

Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 specific information has been moved to it’s own document here:  Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 Issues and Resolutions

We are also connecting with other product groups to provide the same level of work for the other products that are part of the System Center 2012 Suite.  You can find those product specific documents in the central repository here:  System Center Suite 2012 Wiki

Specifically from a ConfigMgr standpoint, there are many of the SP1 issues that are environment specific, or have been reported only once or twice and never experienced again.  Microsoft is working hard to provide solutions to any issues that remain.  As you can see in the new document, there are some outstanding issues that are still being reviewed, and some issues that will be fixed in CU1.

The larger idea here, is that SP1 for ConfigMgr is worth the upgrade.  SP1 provides a huge number of improvements and features that continue to enhance ConfigMgr.  After looking at the new doc, you should decide if any remaining issues are important to your environment.  If not, you should deploy SP1.

Keep watching as we provide additional information on the issues for the other products.  The big take-away from this, is that Microsoft really does listen to the customer community.  They want you to be successful and they want you to like their products.  Providing feedback here on myITforum gives you a way to connect with Microsoft and still retain your independent voice.  Your feedback, no matter how it’s presented, is considered constructive and is taking very seriously.

For new issues that you don’t see on the list, please drop us an email, edit the Wiki pages yourself, or drop out to Microsoft Connect to submit bugs:  ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 Bugs on Connect


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  1. Arturo Celis

    Any one know, if there is a sequence for update System Center to SP1, for example, wich product do I have to update first SCOM, DPM or SCCM?



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