Microsoft Surface Pro Pen functions

If you’ve purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro and have rifled through the box to figure out what the digitized pen actually does, you’re not alone.  There’s really nothing available in the box to explain what the pen does beyond just pointing and writing on the Surface screen.

So, here’s a quick explanation of what the specific pieces to the pen actually do.


The Pen Tip is pressure sensitive.  It can be used as a mouse, and also for drawing.  When you apply additional pressure (for apps that support it) the drawing line will thicken.

The Pen Button is a clickable tab that provides right-click menus when the pen is used in place of a mouse.  Just click and hold the Pen Button and the right-click menu will pop-up.  This is also the magnetic piece that allows you to attach the pen to the Surface Pro’s power slot.

The Pen Clip does just what you would think – just like a standard pen.  There’s no other function for it but only to clip the pen to your shirt pocket, another article of clothing, or in those laptop bag pen inserts.

The Eraser also does just what you would think, it erases your handwritten notes or drawings on the screen.  You should notice that the Eraser floats in and out like a button, or rather, like the click button on a ballpoint pen.  To erase things, you must depress the Eraser against the screen before it will remove anything on the screen, ensuring that you don’t accidentally erase something important.


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  1. Daniel

    I had no idea that the pen button was a magnet that connected to the tablet. I’ve been carrying it around separately.

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